When my world civ instructor asks about Confucius’s opinion of women as based on what was written in Analects and gets a feminist response… well, I think she started that in-class shitstorm herself.

Cliffnotes: Confucius is about as sexist, classist, misogynistic and dehumanising towards women as you’d expect from a dude living a long fucking time ago. Oh, wait… you mean that people are still questioning our intelligence, humanity, and ability to think rationally while lowering/comparing us to animals? Nice. Fuck Confucius and basically everything ever.


The obligatory introductory post.

Hi there. Name’s Luss – I’m a twenty-something USian EMT. I use the word ‘fuck’ a lot.

I do a lot of writing (ranging from short essays to rageface outlet) on my personal facebook. Lately, though, I’ve come to feel like it’s time to do that writing in a different space. The majority of that writing is re: feminism, the kyriarchy, and geek culture. I also write about my lived experiences with kyriarchy from the front lines of emergency medicine.

The end of all posts longer than a short essay will have a short glossary of post-specific feminist/social justice-centric terms with meanings/links to appropriate 101-level sources for further education.

What’s kyriarchy? In simplest terms, kyriarchy is a word that acknowledges that oppressions are like a pile of pick-up sticks. On macro/micro levels, we are touched by multiple oppressions in differing ways and degrees; depending upon your place in the pile, you’ll deal with more oppressions or less. It encompasses all the wacktastic things into one four-syllable word. I’d use an exclamation point there, but it doesn’t deserve one. Fuck kyriarchy.